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© 2014 Galdones PhotographyPlate Magazine’s 30 Chefs to Watch: Chef Edward Kim

A few weeks ago, I renewed the lease on my Chicago apartment. I couldn’t bear to leave it—but not for its proximity to the train, original molding or stellar management. I re-signed because I can walk to Edward Kim’s restaurants, Ruxbin and Mott Street, in 10 minutes flat. Weeknight or weekend, solo or en masse, reservation or walk-in. It’s consistent—as in consistently surprising, and unsurprisingly delicious, every time. Good neighborhood restaurants are hard to come by; I’m lucky enough to have two. [Read More]

trib 2Ruxbin Offering Guinea Fowl with DIY Course

Ruxbin (851 N. Ashland Ave.,  312-624-8509) is offering a novel twist to traditional “peking duck style” and Thanksgiving-flavored service this fall. Instead of duck or turkey, chef Edward Kim will prepare whole guinea fowl in two distinct Asian and American-influenced courses. “I wanted to do something that was a whole animal ’cause I feel there’s something very celebratory about that, and it was a bird that I wasn’t super familiar with and my cooks (weren’t either), so it was exciting for us to play with,”  Kim explained. “It was something that was gifted to us from one of our purveyors and we tried it, and we thought it was fantastic and it’s always fun playing with new things in the kitchen.” [Read More]

sodaTasting Panel asks, Who’s Serving What: Unique Carbonated Beverages 

At Ruxbin in Chicago, guests can enjoy a rotating selection of seasonal housemade dry sodas from Beverage Director Nate Chung, including the Maraschino Black Cherry with black cherries, almond extract, vanilla bean, Luxardo, and Angostura bitters or the Passion Fruit Basil with passion fruit, basil, and coconut palm sugar. The restaurant is BYOB so guests can add their spirit of choice for an alcoholic alternative. [Read More]

oysterMichigan Avenue Magazine’s Picks for Innovative Dishes to Enjoy on National Oyster Day

Oyster Trio at RuxbinAt this cozy, BYOB bistro in Wicker Park, Chef Edward Kim offers oysters on the half-shell three ways: with apple mignonette, with sambal pickled ginger, and applewood quick-smoked with wild rice and pork belly. All three are presented within a small glass dome, which, when lifted, releases the distinctly different aromas—from the gingery to the smoky—associated with each preparation. [Read More]

baBon Appetit’s Best New Restaurants of Years Past: Ruxbin

As the 2014 restaurants issue hits newsstands this week, we thought we’d take a look back at the 50 spots that have been named Best New Restaurants since restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton introduced this list in 2009… Status: Open
Then: “The space looks like a set from Blade Runner—everything is refurbished, repurposed, or reclaimed, from walls lined with shipping crates to a banquette back made of old seat belts. All this, and the Korean-American chef manages to make the food the most memorable aspect.”
Since then: Ed Kim and the Ruxbin crew went on to open Mott St, one of the 50 nominees for this year’s 10 Best. [Read More]


ZAGAT 2013: Top Food in Chicago – Ruxbin #5



Time Out Chicago “Ruxbin’s Night Market | Photo slideshow”

There are restaurants that throw events, and there are restaurants that throw parties. Last week, as part of our ongoing Dining and Libation Society (DLS) seriesRuxbin and TOCthrew a party. We called it Night Market. The idea was that Ruxbin’s team of cooks and geniuses (and genius cooks) would transform their American (with influences) restaurant into an international (with, um, influences?) street fair. [Read More]

GQ Magazine 2012 “Ten Best New Restaurants in America” 

It’s BYOB, because thanks to some municipal technicality, this place will never have a liquor license. And while chefs like Grant Achatz (See: Next) get blank checks to open their new restaurants, the Kims (brother, sister, girlfriend) had just enough money for this old, busted-up Italian-beef stand in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. They had no design funds, so they hired an artist who created a space of found parts—vintage theater seats and church pews. [Read More]

Chicago Tribune 2012 Dining Awards: Outstanding Restaurant

The Tribune Dining Awards were born last year, out of a desire to give more concrete recognition to the excellent restaurants and restaurant professionals we encountered in a year of covering Chicago’s ever-fascinating dining scene. [Read More]

Bon Appetit Magazine “The Best New Restaurants in America in 2011”

As a kid, Edward (“Teddy”) Kim was called Teddy Ruxpin after the talking teddy bear that was big during the 1980s (I admit it. I had one). So when naming his restaurant, he chose Ruxpin—or, rather, a misspelled version of it. It’s a quirky story for this quirky, BYOB restaurant in West Town that feels off the beaten path. The space looks like a set from Blade Runner—everything is refurbished, repurposed, or reclaimed, from walls lined with shipping crates to a banquette back made of old seat belts.  [Read More]

Time Out Chicago “100 Best Things We Ate 2011”

Ruxbin has always been good. But at some point this year, the restaurant flipped the maturity switch and the food became more sophisticated, more nuanced and yet no less approachable. Put this calamari stuffed with chicken and pork forcemeat and flavored with Korean chilies and peanuts squarely in that camp. [Read More]

Chicago Reader Challenge

Never having eaten turtle before, the first thing Edward Kim did when he got a few pounds of snapping-turtle meat was panfry some. “I cooked it really quickly—I saw how quickly it was tensing up, and I was like, I need to try it when it’s medium rare. I hadn’t done my due diligence to see how safe that was.” [Read More] [Watch Video]

Check, Please! Episode

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