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What our staff had to say about… our staff


Front of the House

Edward Kim, AKA “Chef”

“Our talented and fearless leader.”
“Would rather eat a dog than a turtle.”
“Runs his kitchen like an orchestra.”
“Genuine and thoughtful, cooks masterfully and with a lot of heart.”
“His cooking skills rival his stink eye skills.”
“Really likes clean plates.”
“Can deep clean better than you.”
“Sets the bar impossibly high, then does everything he can to make sure you clear it”

Jenny Kim

“Momma Rux.”
“Sweetest woman to walk this earth.”
“You can always count on Jen to keep cool & organized.”
“Saintly Sanity”
Really loves jazz Sundays.”
Eye of the storm…no matter how crazy service gets, she’s always ready with a calming smile” 
Bridget Close – Sous Chef
“Can cook a steak like nobody’s business.”
“Dedicated, powerful, intense, exacting… These are all words I would use to describe the way Bridget plays Pokemon. She’s also a very, very good cook.”
“Wins the award for Best Penmanship!”
“Her garlic fried rice is irresistibly good and also a danger zone for the front of the house.”

Vicki Kim

“Spunky, you can always tell when she’s talking.”
“Vicki’s surprise goodies are the best (encouragement, doughnuts especially).”
“A strong contender in this year’s High Heel Olympics.”
“Firm believer that every family meal could be improved with a little bit of hot sauce.”
“Her staggering amount of drive and take-charge can-do attitude make her a force to be reckoned with.”
Daniel Jeffrey – Sous Chef
“Wound tighter than his headband, but puts out a great product.”
“The hummingbird.”
“So close to nailing the Thai food thing.”
“I’ll say it in six — the kid knows how to cook.”
“Older, wiser. He’d disagree with the latter.”
“Forgot to drop the French from his kitchen vocab.”

Renee Bennett

“Ruxbin’s Julie Andrews. She can sew pillowcases and curtains into stunning dresses.”
“Her hair changes color with the seasons.”
“Saucy broad with a lounge act sensibility.”
“Tough as nails, with a heart of gold.”
“A strange duck whose goofy attitude is comforting because it reminds you that you’re weird too.”

Andres Osorio-Romero

“Jack of all trades.”
“The glue that holds our family together. A lot of meat, a little spicy and not afraid of butterflies.”
“Our best silent communicator.”
“Loves movies.”
“Chili Pepper Challenge Champion”

Rick Joyce

“Would use a horse drawn carriage to grind his coffee beans if it improved the flavor.”
“Beware – if you misbehave at Ruxbin, Rick will draw a comic making fun of you.”
“Garde de music.”
“Sure knows how to fill a small space….with laughs!”
“Razor sharp wit that should get him in trouble, but he’s so charming that it never does.”

Vaughan Nelson-Lee

“A budding filmmaker … a poet among savages.”
“Believe it or not…he’s walking on air…” (an ’80s song lyric)
“Hair like Bob Ross, sounds like Mayor Quimby”
“The new ‘cool’ of Pilsen.”
“I would love to take a flat iron to that hair.”

Holly Murkerson

“Graceful dancing spirit of kindness.”
“Worked at this Boston bar called Auggies in a past lifetime.”
“Sweet as pie, dream team queen!”
“Her belly laughs are contagious and good for the soul.”
“So sincere and kind that you find yourself confiding in her when you have a full house…Oops!”
“Loves to be the center of attention.”
“Has seen and heard it all.”
“Enjoys good company.”

Cassie Stadnicki

“Is probably allergic to you.”
“No nonsense, and all smiles… some of the time.”
“Now has clown horns to match her clown shoes!”
“No one is better at convincing me to stay out later, and later, and later…”
Rachel Glass
“Beware of Rachel on the backside pick.” (a basketball reference)
“As sweet as she is smart. A true heart of gold.”
“Has a smile and laugh so contagious that it can spread for miles.”

Charlie Curione
“Can pull off jorts and tie dye better than anyone I know.”
“Resident repairman with dreamy eyes.”
“Once caught a zucchini ‘this big.’” (No really–did you witness the giant zucchini?)